Nothing is more important than being able to enjoy your wedding day. How better than with your favourite drink, expertly crafted by Benchmark. It’s your big day, have it the way you want it.


The ultimate celebration. Your menu is your own, every drink earning its place there because it’s something you love. The ultimate birthday requires the ultimate in service, drinks selection and fun. We provide all three.


The clue is in the name and also in ours. We are the Benchmark for special days, creating events as good as the drinks we serve. Call on us to make any special day exactly that.


Whether it’s the highest quality pre drinks before the big night out, or an even bigger night in, the Benchmark team will hand craft the ultimate build up to your big day.


Your themed night will be enhanced by Benchmark. Not only are our events bespoke, but we can take care of themed menu design including a variety of themed drinks. A spooky Sazerac, Christmas Caiprinhia or musical Mojito, we are on board with your theme and have the skills to tie it all together. We will decorate our bars, menus and even ourselves to ensure your night turns out exactly the way you want it to.


A once in a lifetime event needs to be treated as such and Benchmark Bartending will do just that. Smoothies, mocktails, flings, crushes and more are all on the menu to make this the ultimate day of celebration. And surely we can find room to squeeze in a bar or two for the adults too…